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Muscles and Knee Pain

Sampler: The Adductors

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A complete list of tests and treatments will be available in the upcoming book Surviving Martial Arts.

Adductors Test 1

With patient lying on back on floor,

lowering the knee 1. Place heel of test leg on floor next to kneecap of other leg.

2. Lower knee to floor. Note how close it comes.

Good: No restriction: Knee comes flat to floor.

Bad: Restriction: Knee fixed several inches away from floor.

Adductors Test 2

With patient lying on back on floor,

raise and lower the leg out to the side 1. Stabilize flat leg so patient does not rock to the side.

2. Raise other leg vertically to 90 degrees then lower 90 degrees out to side to touch floor.

Good: No restriction. Leg can rest on floor at 90 degree angle from body.

Bad: Restriction: Leg movement is restricted to less than 90 degrees.

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